7 Simple Investing Lessons From IGL’s 1,575% Rise

In this value investing case on IGL, you’ll learn 7 simple, but super-powerful lessons from the stock’s almost 16-fold rise.

And, what’s more:

You can use all of them, even if you’re not a “professional” investor.

Value Investing Case - IGL Share Price
IGL’s share price went up almost 16 times!
Source: Yahoo Finance

With that, let’s dive into the value investing lessons:

How to Find Value Investing Ideas, Even if You’re a Small Investor

You face two stark realities in value investing.

The first, a pleasant one, is this: the stock market will reward you handsomely, if you know what you’re doing.

But then, there’s the second, slightly bitter reality‚Ķ

Value investing can often be a difficult, and confusing activity.

Here’s why: